02 Feb

What is Fixed Dome Camera?

Fixed dome camera

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Fixed dome camera also known as “mini-dome”. If you are looking for such types for dome camera you will get it at Shard Global Ltd. Even you will find some of the most discreet and compact fixed dome cameras are available, measuring only 4 cm / 1.5″ high and 10 cm / 4″ in diameter. It comes in a wide range of forms. They can be IP or analogue, mobile or fixed.

A fixed dome camera or mini-dome is a compact camera system with a dome cover or casing. You benefit from its non-obtrusive design, discreet, and also from the aspect that it is some difficult to identify in which way the camera is focusing. Additionally, the camera’s dome cover or casing design provides perfect protection against e.g. defocusing and redirection.

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