30 Jan

What are SIP Phones?

SIP Phone is also known as Soft-phone and VoIP Phone. This is the telephone that uses VoIP technologies for building calls over both the traditional PSTN networks and an IP Network.

SIP Phones
Types of SIP Phones:

  • Hardware SIP Phone
  • Software-based SIP Phone

There are two kinds of SIP Phones. Hardware SIP phone is the first kind and its qualities are in common with the typical telephone, but uses particular purpose hardware to make and receive calls through Internet, instead of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) system. The second type is software-based. These types of phone system allow any computer to be utilized as a phone by means of a headset with a sound card and/or a microphone. A SIP Server and connection to a VoIP provider or a broadband connection are also required. A Software SIP Phone also can run on mobile devices such as iOS and Android. Please contact Shard Global Limited for further information and support on the above phone solutions.

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