Smart Monitoring and Automation

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Smart monitoring and automation

Recent advances in wireless sensor networks and internet of things have made continuous monitoring of assets (offices, warehouses, factories, etc.) feasible and economical. Smart monitoring systems have a variety of applications in commercial, retail and residential spaces. These systems can be custom designed with suitable sensors based on each application’s requirements.


Application of smart monitoring systems

These monitoring systems in combination with smart automations systems can significantly improve the efficiency of buildings by providing dynamic and usage based control of services (heating, lighting, etc.) in these buildings. In addition, these systems can provide valuable occupancy and usage data which can assist asset the owners and managers. In retail space applications, these systems can provide valuable consumer interaction data such as shop visit counts and tracking and customer dwell time which can be later used for marketing and shop layout enhancement. For large car parks smart monitoring systems can provide occupancy guidance to customers and car park owners.

Why Shard Global?

At shard global we continuously search for cutting edge sensors and control systems for variety of application. We provide a one stop solution from design consultation to implementation for your smart monitoring and automation needs. Our team of friendly experts will assist you through all the steps to ensure you achieve your desired output from your automation and monitoring system.