What is SIP Phone System?

In SIP Phone system, SIP is a Internet protocol that allows user to make free video and voice calls with the help of their mobile devices and computer systems using Internet. Through IP network, SIP Phone System integrates phone basic skills with email, web, online chat etc. SIP also known as Session Initiation Protocol that widely used in VOIP technology. Many big businesses using these phones as these are cost effective and has the capability of solving enterprises problem.

There are some types of It available in the London market


Software Based

This types of system also known as Virtual Phone and Soft Phone. Basically it is software application which can be installed onto computer system enable you to make a phone call by your computer system. There are many software-based SIP phone systems available in the market like XLite, Wengo, and more.

Hardware Based

This types of phone system also known as Physical Phone. It works like traditional telephone but they run the phone calls via internet not like a traditional PSTN public switched telephone network lines. These types of SIP phone system do not require to have an internet service additionally, It can use existing internet service with your computer. There are many hardware-based SIP phone systems available in the market like Polycom, Grandstream, and more.


Cost Effective: Switch to a SIP phone system, you can save more money; you can reduce your traditional phone bill because SIP phone system makes calls via internet that provides low monthly bill.

Mobility: However SIP phone can be connected with internet, phone calls can be run anywhere in the globe.


Emergency: As these phone runs on power, it cannot work in power failure until there is a provision for battery backup. And in case internet failure, SIP phone system requires internet to run.
Hardware and Fast Network: If you want high level of quality phone calls, then there will be need of fast internet speed with good hardware.